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    Wuxi Zhengmao Chemical Co.,Ltd. were founded in 1970s. It is the assistant fine chemical manufacturer for petrochemical industry, is the member of national polyester production method association group and the member of "three agents" networks of Sinopec and CNPC. We are appointed as the manufacturer of "three agents". We specialize in the production of polyester catalyst, polymerization inhibitor and antioxidant.
    Our products include: Polyester catalyst ZM--24(catalyst S-24), Antimony oxide at polyester catalyst grade, Industrial antimony trioxide, P-hydroxyl anisole, phenothiazine, para-tert-butylcatechol (TBC), N.N-dibutyl dithiocarbamic acid copper (AI-61R ) & antioxidant ZM -405( NAUGARD445 ), etc.

    The antimony trioxide catalyst for polyester is a good product for introduced equipment. In 1999, we developed the Polyester catalyst ZM--24(catalyst S-24) and receive national patent. On December 8, 1999, it received the authentication of Jiangsu technical committee. Tested by Jinan chemical fiber general company & Shanghai petrochemical stock co., ltd , its technical indexes can meet the international standards and can be used as the replacer of imported products. In Sep., 2000, it was confirmed as the hi-tech product by Jiangsu technology bureau, it was rated as the item of Jiangsu Torch Program. It got the "golden cow" of " 1998-2000 Jiangsu new product". In Sep., 2001, it was rated as the item of National Torch Program. It got the golden award in international (Tianjin) invention, patent & new technology and product fair. In 2003, we developed Antioxidant ZM-405 ourselves, tested in the polyether equipment of Shanghai gaoqiao chemical company, it meets the standard of NAUGARD445. Polyester catalyst antimony oxide, P-hydroxyl anisole and phenothiazine got the golden award of 94 China patent technical fair, golden award of 97 third session China international new technical product fair and third award of Jiangsu technical advancement. Especially, ZM-24, antimony oxide , P-hydroxyl anisole , phenothiazine , para-tert-butylcatechol (TBC) and N.N-dibutyl dithiocarbamic acid copper (AI-61R ) are the recommended product of Sinopec and CNPC. Our products have been well-received in the world.

    In 2003, we have been approved of "Fangyuan" sign by China Fangyuan sign authentication committee. We got the certificates of ISO9001:2000 quality system and ISO14001:1996 quality system. Our production is following the quality standard and environmental standard. In 2002, we became the " five stars enterprise" of CPC Wuxi Binhu committee and Binhu people's government. In 2000, we became the technical advancement example company of Wuxi suburb people's government and got second award of technical advancement. We are authenticated as hi-tech company by Wuxi scientific technology bureau, and got the third award of technical advancement of Wuxi city. We have been authenticated as trustable company by Wuxi people's government. We are safe production advanced team of Jiangsu economic trade committee( Jiangsu town company administration bureau). In 2003, we was approved as the reliable company by Jiangsu Wuxi quality technical supervision bureau and other 4 departments and the honest company 2003-2004 by Wuxi customer committee. We are the one of " first batch intellectual property protection units". We are no quality complaint company of China market survey research center.

    "Technical is our root, quality first, sincere service, flourishing economy " is our tenet. We will provide you with excellent product and sincere service.

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